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Leadership as taught in schools, will no longer serve us in the future. Northstar Leadership Center focuses on teaching you how to tap into your personal source code of leadership, so that you can lead your own life first and then the lives of others

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Welcome to Northstar Leadership Mentoring

A New Way Of Leadership

The future demands different leaders. Leaders who are engage in people, who are authentic and lead with integrity and don’t compromise their values. Leaders who engage with their employees and care about their well-being and not just performance. Leaders who can utilize both their intuition and rational mind to make tough decisions in business and life. Leaders who are role-models for their employees and for generations to come.

Leaders of tomorrow need a different mindset, skill set as well as different qualities in order to Lead, Inspire and Empower. This is our focus at Northstar Leadership Center, to build leaders for the new era where people come first, so that their business will thrive and become legendary.

My gift as your Leadership Mentor is that I can tap into your unique Source Code and bring out the way you lead in life and business.

Here are some of the key-topics we teach at Northstar Leadership Center:

  • Authenticity and leadership
  • Leading with integrity
  • Living from your values
  • Intuition and decision making
  • Intentional living and business
  • Meditation & Creative visualization
  • Masculine & Feminine qualities for the future in business
  • Health & Leaderhship
  • Implementing gratitude days for employees
  • From I to We
  • From Competition to Collaboration
  • From Hierarchical to Co-Creation

“I mentor Executives, Leaders, and Salespeople how to BE leaders.”

The reason I mentor about leadership is what I see in the world today are leaders who are broken, unfulfilled, resentful and unhappy in their personal lives and careers. People who have a fancy title of being a leader, Ceo or something similar and yet their personal life, health or relationships are falling apart. Which they are dragging an emotional turmoil into their business life which then spirals downwards to all of the employees.

I have learned firsthand through my own life how important it is to be a leader in your own life before you start to lead others. My mentoring work is a combination of my personal journey and years of experience as well as my academic background in History of Ideas, Coaching, and NLP.

I firmly believe the world longs for leaders who are authentic, who live and breathe integrity, who show up when needed, who are present with their staff, friends, and families. Leaders who understand that having clarity and a vision will leave a legacy for years to come.

This is why I do what I do because I’m passionate about seeing a change in leadership style and focus.


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At Northstar Leadership Center we never stop learning and we collaborate with other leadership experts to always bring you the best


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