The world need new leaders

The future demands different leaders. Leaders who are engage in people, who are authentic and lead with integrity and don’t compromise their values. Leaders who engage with their employees and care about their well-being and not just performance. Leaders who can utilize both their intuition and rational mind to make tough decisions in business and life. Leaders who are role-models for their employees and for generations to come.

Leaders of tomorrow need a different mindset, skill set as well as different qualities in order to Lead, Inspire and Empower. This is our focus at Northstar Leadership Center, to build leaders for the new era where people come first, so that their business will thrive and become legendary.

Peter Avalon Northstar

Leadership Mentor & Lead Coach

The Source Code To Leadership

The Source Code is our foundation. These 4 pillars are the foundation to all of our mentoring and coaching programs and provieds the client with a framework to live by as well as grow from.

1 on 1 Programs

Northstar90 Program

90-Day mentoring/Coaching program

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Northstar90+ Program

6 months to a year coaching/mentoring program

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Group Program

Northstar30 Group Coaching Program

30-day online coaching program

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