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The Northstar Leadership Online Academy was created to offer you the best access to all of our online leadership courses, tools & skillsets.

Personal Leadership Guide (FREE)

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The Personal Leadership Guide is a daily check-in sheet:

  • You will learn how to live from intention and how to implement that in the 3 areas of your life
  • You learn how to setup triggers so that you know that your intentions are on target
  • You will have a way to track your projects and see your progress
  • You will rate yourself on your daily activity

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Personal Leadership Program

Experience Transformations In Key Areas Of Your Life

Feeling stuck in your life?

Struggling with having a clear vision and purpose for your life? 

Are you happy? 

This program is for all who know that life can be much more than it currently is but feel stuck and can’t find a way out. In other words, it’s for those who want to live more, be more, have a clear vision and purpose in life.

Start each day feeling happy, refreshed and with purpose. Learn to have loving relationships and improve your communication. Create habits that will support your life, relationships and career.

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In the short time I have worked with Peter, he has helped me form a clear vision of where I am going with my “work” — a project I have been treating like a hobby, something I am passionate about and wants to become more. I did not know how to take this idea out into the world. Time with Peter has had a profound effect on me: he has helped me find the language to draw out my vision and given me simple, practical advice on how to achieve it. I’ve learned the small, steps necessary to make it a reality – including not jumping too far ahead – things I can do today to make a difference tomorrow. I look forward to continuing to work with Peter because as well as being a great mentor, he is also a very nice person.

Andrew H

After working with Peter I learned that I had all the resources inside myself to create the positive changes I wanted for my life. Through Peters coaching he has taught that it is easier to recognize the difference between thoughts/feelings whether it be an inner change or a physical change. Peter’s guidance and knowledge helped me understand why I felt or thought the things I did.
I have achieved a lot of my goals which have brought me closer and closer to my ultimate dream and happiness. I’m glad I have met someone who is humble and honest and answers the right questions. He has motivated me to look deeper into my inner self. When I able capable of doing this I find happiness throughout. Thanks to Peter he helped me bring the light and support. I can say that Peter helped me experience self-love and self-forgiveness again. I am truly happy with my life. I highly recommend Peter as a life coach to anyone who is ready to feel motivated, inspired, guided and of course that pulse of life again.

Raquel M.
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The Northstar Leadership Academy, is a global online community of leaders who want to Lead, Inspire and Empower others and the world.

You can pay monthly (cancel anytime) or pay annually (gives you 20% discount on any of my sessions)

Here are some of the things we will cover:

  • Learn to tap into your source energy of leadership
  • Using your leadership to change your life from the inside out
  • Uncovering your life’s vision and how to use your unique gifts in the world.
  • Get continuous support and inspiration from a global community of like-minded people going through the same process
  • Create a business or start-up according to your unique soul vision and deliver your unique contribution in life
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