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Dear Brother, 

You will be alone!

One day you feel alone in your life and when that time comes the mens group of Northstar30 is there for you to take you in as a brother. 

There comes a time in every man’s life where you need help. Even if it’s just a nudge in the right direction or a reality check. I created the Northstar30 program because I know how hard it is as a man to ask for help and support when you need it most. In my own life I never asked for help and always pretended like everything was “fine”. The reality was that I felt broken, lost and alone in my life. I had just gone though a divorce, closed my previous coaching business and moved back to Denmark.

I felt I had nothing to live for and that I had lost my sense of purpose in life. During the worst times after my divorce I had considered taking my own life. I was hurt, ashamed and felt guilty for not being a “real man” who could solve his marital problems. At the time I did not realize that my deepest pain would become my greatest gift in helping other men go through their darkest times in their lives.

Northstar30 was born out of the chaos in my own life and my relentless commitment to become a better version of myself moving forward. This program will not be easy and it is not for everyone. It is for the man who is committed to leaving his past behind and becoming the King of his own life. To live a life of faith instead of being in fear. 

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What is Northstar30?

  • A 30-Day group coaching for men with relentless accountability of personal and business growth
  • Four weekly Zoom Training calls and Hot Seats
  • Weekly protocols
  • Daily Revelations/training

What are the Requirements?

  • Be a Man
  • Open to be coached/mentored/trained 
  • Have a powerful drive and commitment for transformation
  • Must be willing to invest in himself
  • Must be willing to do the work
  • Must be willing to tell the truth
  • Trust the program and the process
  • Ask for help and support when needed
  • Show up and be present for each Zoom Training Call

Founder of Northstar30:

Peter Avalon Northstar

Business Owner – Mentor – Leader – Speaker

What is included in the program

I’ve worked with Coach Peter for the past 6 months. He is straightforward, thoughtful, and conscientious. He has a real way of getting to the root issues that challenges modern men. Based on his personal life and experiences, he is not afraid to get real, raw and lead with his heart. He is an excellent coach and I recommend him 100%.

Ben R.

I have gone as far as to call him the Human Rolodex…and the Human Swiss Army Knife. A man with many layers and complexities. Yes, he is well connected. Yes, he has many facets which help him in his capacity to lead, challenge you, and help you maximize your purpose. If accountability is what you seek…if you seek more than therapy…and can handle somebody mirroring truth back to you. When you find yourself accessing alignment between your life; body, money and relationships, you’ll be glad you followed your inner Voice and took the jump. I highly recommend Peter and his Northstar 30 Program.

Bradley F

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  • Lead Men’s Coach & Trainer of Northstar30
  • Founder & CEO of Northstar Leadership Center
  • Founder and lead men’s Coach of The Divorced CEO
  • Upcoming Author
  • Upcoming Podcast Host
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified TFW Trainer
  • Certified Weng Chun Instructor
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